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Why Study Jazz? Adaptibility and Social Awareness

Written by Dr. Patrick Brown, saxophonist, educator, and JazzArts Charlotte Education Director.

December 2022 —Soon, our Fall 2022 JazzArts Academy programs will end and after a short break for the holiday season, we will launch our Spring 2023 programs. The time between sessions provides a wonderful opportunity to continue to reflect on why studying jazz is important. Adaptability and social awareness are two life skills that you learn through jazz.

No two jazz performances are alike; therefore, the performer must be flexible and ready to adapt. For most people, change can be a very difficult part of life, however those that play jazz are constantly dealing with change. A performance may not go as planned and you must prepare to quickly take a different direction. Jazz teaches you to embrace change and even incorporate it into the moment.

Jazz is about the group effort and while playing, performers are listening and responding to each other simultaneously. Social awareness is an important skill learned through the study and performance of jazz. Jazz is not about the individual and sensitivity to others is needed to perform this music. Through the music, we learn how to lead, follow, support, and work together.

Learning jazz goes beyond the art, it teaches you about life!

If you have a child interested in joining one of our JazzArts Academy programs this Spring, registration is open and makes a cool Christmas present!  For others, we hope you will find a way to participate in our mission to prepare our next generation

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