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The Power of Music. The Power of We.

A song can evoke, inspire, express. It has the power to renew, change our heart rate, even heal. Songs are used to teach, whether as part of history, a tool to memorize a concept, or in developing life skills like confidence, perseverance and teamwork. It can both energize or calm. A song can move us to tears and it can move us to act. Music has the power to unite us. Music has power.

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BrewJazz Festival Recognizes JazzArts Charlotte

Devils Lodging Brewery is supporting amazing local jazz during Jazz Appreciation Month, raising an extra cheer to JazzArts Charlotte in support for our jazz community.

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Grammy Awards 2022 Jazz Recognition

April, 2022  –  Our own MC Curtis Davenport offers a rundown of the 64th Grammy Awards.  Take a listen to this compilation playlist while you check out the exceptional list. Jazz Categories Best Improvised Jazz Solo WINNER Humpty Dumpty (Set 2), Chick Corea aTunde Adjuah, soloist.  Track from: Akoustic Band Live. No surprise here. Chick…

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A New Year, a fresh tune, and a note from us to you

A new year, a fresh tune, a note from us to you.

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Welcoming New Board Members to the Jazz Community

Recently, two new board members have joined us who will add a whole new dimension to our jazz community. Welcome Karen Bernhardt and Raki McGregor to the family.

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