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Sherrie Maricle: A Powerhouse Drummer and Champion for Women in Jazz

This Women’s History Month, we are honored to recognize a true champion of Women in Jazz, award-winning drummer and band leader, Sherrie Maricle. The leader of the DIVA Jazz Orchestra (DIVA) and Five Play, Sherrie Maricle, is not only recognized as an internationally renowned jazz musician but also as a powerful advocate for women in a field that has historically been male dominated. Dozens of musicians have been nurtured under her mentorship, with a significant number being female drummers and instrumentalists.

Maricle’s impact transcends well beyond musical instruction. Former DIVA members like Clare Daly, Su Terry, Virginia Mayhew, Ingrid Jensen, Tonya Darby, Anat Cohen, and Roxy Coss credit her with fostering their careers and providing invaluable guidance.

Saxophonist Alexa Tarantino, a current member of DIVA, echoes this sentiment: “I would not be the person or musician that I am today if it weren’t for Sherrie inspiring me, challenging me, believing in me, and creating opportunities for me to play. It’s not just me – she is an incredible role model and mentor to all musicians she meets.”

Maricle acknowledges the significance of her role but didn’t always feel that way. “It didn’t occur to me the impact we [DIVA] were having when we started. It wasn’t until later that I realized the role I was playing.” When reflecting on the moment when she was asked to lead the DIVA Jazz Orchestra, Maricle stated, “I cannot believe I have this opportunity.” That appreciation has driven her to “pay it forward” to many musicians who are grateful for the opportunities Maricle has given them.

As we continue to highlight and normalize amazing women in the world of jazz, we salute Sherrie Maricle and all that she has done to inspire the next generation of female musicians.
Join us at JAZZ ROOM: Women in Jazz: Five Play featuring Sherrie Maricle THIS weekend (Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16).

Sherrie Maricle will also be giving back to Charlotte area middle and high school students by leading a FREE Jazz Youth Workshop on Saturday from 11:00-1:00pm. Students may register here.


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