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Keep Jazz A-Livestreaming

Music helps the soul.  Which is more important than ever.

We are looking forward to the next time we can be together in the JAZZ ROOM.

Meanwhile, we want to make sure we are supporting our local musicians, who want to bring you music in any way they can.  As much as jazz is their life, it is their livelihood as well.

So check below, and check back often, to discover our local musicians livestreaming.  Pop some popcorn, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and sit back in the comfort of your living room for a little education, entertainment, and more.  And we’ll see you in person as soon as we can.


THURSDAY FEBRUARY 25 8:00pm ET. Live from Crown with bassist Dave Vergato. Available on YouTube & Facebook Live.

THURSDAY MARCH 25, 8:00pm ET.  Live from Crown with Stephen Gordon.  Available on YouTube & Facebook Live.

Missed the live viewing?

You find all of our livestreams from March until now on our YouTube channel to watch at your convenience.  A few of the recent ones:

Live from Crown with Harvey Cummings II. Available now on YouTube. (Premiered Oct 1 2020.)

Conversations with Curtis welcomes Ben Jaffe, Creative Director of Preservation Hall. Available now on YouTube. (Premiered Oct 6 2020.)

Live from Crown with the David Lail Quintet. Join us on Facebook Live. (Premiered Oct 15 2020.)

Conversations with Curtis talks with Grammy-winning trumpeter Maurice Brown. Join us on YouTube Live or Facebook Live. (Premiered Nov 3 2020.)

JAZZ ROOM 2020 Holiday Edition Encore Available on YouTube & Facebook Live. (Premiered Dec 18 & 19 2020.  The Friday livestream is no longer available.)

Live from Crown with Shrimp & Grits. Available on YouTube & Facebook Live. (Premiered Jan 28 2021.)

Conversations with Curtis walks with the performers of We Insist!  Available any time on YouTube.  (Premiered Feb 9 2021.)

We Insist! Max Roach’s Freedom Suite production.  Available for a limited time on YouTube  (Premiered Friday February 12.)

 Musicians – got a livestream scheduled?

If you are a regional jazz musician planning to livestream a jazz performance or discussion, we want to help spread the word.  Share the details in this form and we’ll post it to our social media page as well as here so, together, we can keep jazz a-livestreaming in our communities.


Thank you to our sponsors and donors.

Without in-person programs, your funding is critical to our continued mission, even in the midst of this pandemic.  Thank you, in particular, to Arts & Science Council, NC Arts Council, O’s Place, and Crown Station for your generous support that allow these virtual programs to continue, FREE, to our community.  Thank you to U.S. Bank, Knight Foundation, and Charlotte Center City Partners for their partnership in the creation of We Insist!

As this pandemic stretches out into the following month, we rely on every donation to keep supporting our musicians and jazz fans.  Please consider contributing, if you can.

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