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Keep Jazz A-Livestreaming

Music helps the soul.  Which is more important than ever.

We are thrilled to be back together in the JAZZ ROOM and in the classroom.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to support our local musicians, and audiences, with new digital ways to connect with music.

So check below, and check our YouTube channel, to discover our local and national musicians livestreaming music and conversation.  Pop some popcorn, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and sit back in the comfort of your living room for a little education, entertainment, and more.

Conversation Series

Available on YouTube & Facebook Live, this monthly Conversation series ran from the beginning of the pandemic, to talk with outstanding musicians, past and present, regional and international. Our events are a chance for you to engage with the artists who are usually up on the stage.  Originally premiered live and interactively on YouTube and Facebook, they remain on demand for you to explore.

Taking a break for the summer, check back in the Fall as we premiere new opportunities explore jazz, history and how.  Meanwhile, visit a few of our most popular:

Jazz Movie Night, Curtis interview with historian Larry Reni Thomas from the documentary “I Called Him Morgan”

Conversation with jazz writer Natalie Weiner, author of “The 1959 Project”.

Conversation about the local groundbreaking production of “We Insist!” with with Dr. Willie Griffin, Historian from the Levine Museum of the New South, and Artists from the We Insist! Tribute performance.

Jazz Exploration Series.

For the past few seasons, we have offered live, interactive online workshops delving into some of the biggest historical topics in jazz, from epic year 1959 to Women in Jazz.  Keep an eye out for what’s next in the series.

Virtual Performance Series.

Digital performances, like The SET from the Neighborhood Theater, are designed to showcase new jazz styles and up and coming local jazz musicians.  Frequently, we also showcase special moments from the JAZZ ROOM.  Straight to your living room via Facebook Live & YouTube Live, these premieres and performances remain available on demand for whenever you’d like your own personal concert.  This series began as long ago as mid-2020 as “Live from Crown”, and continue to offer up fresh local jazz.

Visit a few of our more popular and most recent:

Tatiana Eva-Marie with Django’s Caravan, from JAZZ ROOM June 2022

Quentin Talley & The Soul Providers

Sean Mason

JAZZ ROOM 2020 Holiday Edition

Ron Brendle Quartet

Thank you to our sponsors and donors.

Your funding is critical to our continued mission, as it evolves from in person to digitally  and beyond.  Thank you, in particular, to Arts & Science Council, NC Arts Council, O’s Place, Crown Station, and Neighborhood Theater for your generous support that allow these virtual programs to continue, FREE, to our community.  Thank you to U.S. Bank, Knight Foundation, and Charlotte Center City Partners for their partnership in the creation of the groundbreaking We Insist!

We rely on every donation to keep supporting our musicians and jazz fans.  Please consider contributing, if you can.

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