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Share Charlotte Spotlights JazzArts Charlotte Rockstar Supporter Ron Baldwin

December 2020 — During this month of giving, Share Charlotte is recognizing JazzArts Charlotte nonprofit “Rockstar” supporter Ron Baldwin through their monthly spotlight series. Ron is one of 29 nominees who will be featured by Share Charlotte on Instagram throughout the month.

To recognize an individual who goes above and beyond, the Amy and Brian France Foundation is awarding $5,000 to the nonprofit whose nominee receives the most votes during December. If you don’t already know Ron, below is a sample of his contributions to JazzArts Charlotte. Please consider clicking here to cast your vote.

Ron Baldwin was a participant in the ASC Cultural Leadership Training program in 2013 and was chosen to serve on the JazzArts Board of Directors as the Treasurer. At the time JazzArts Charlotte (formally Jazz Arts Initiative) was an emerging organization, with only 4 years in the community. Ron saw potential in the young organization and its quality programs. He identified an opportunity to get involved with hopes to help make a significant impact.

During his three-year term on the Board, as Treasurer Ron helped to build and support the organization’s financial infrastructure, which is critical to the success of a nonprofit. Ron describes the first couple of years as a whirlwind, referencing the dramatic growth and evolution of the organization.

In his fourth year, Ron doubled down his dedication, committing his service to a voluntary staff role as the organization’s CFO/COO, and has continued in that capacity ever since. But if you visit our offices or reach out to JazzArts Charlotte, you will notice that he also wears many hats. A highly valued team member, you are likely to find Ron doing everything from ordering supplies, to contacting JazzArts subscribers, to developing new procedures for the database. He responds matter-of-factly that we are a small organization, so it’s “all hands on deck”. Ron can be relied upon to be wherever help is needed, and we are grateful. Since Ron joined JazzArts, the monthly JAZZ ROOM concert series has grown from one Tuesday night concert to six consistently sold-out shows. The JazzArts Academy educational programs have more than doubled in size, as well as the number of musicians supported each year. You will find his expertise and helping hand on each of the levers that drives our operations and supports our mission.

Even more importantly, our audiences, donors, educators, students, musicians, and partner organizations know his familiar face and smile when they see him. Thank you, Ron, for your invaluable support to JazzArts!
Please recognize Ron and support JazzArts Charlotte with your vote this month. One vote per email – so it could take your one click to raise $5,000 for JazzArts Charlotte.

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