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Board Members Give Back

August, 2020 — With the end of the fiscal year behind us, JazzArts Charlotte’s Board terms are rolling over, and we would like to recognize four board members whose terms are expiring. You’ve seen their faces in the JAZZ ROOM and they have been hard at work for the past several years ensuring the growth of our mission. This past year, celebrating our 10 year anniversary, has highlighted the amazing results that the board is instrumental in delivering.

A deep thank you to:
Todd Albaum, Chairman, served 7 years. Business Broker at Transworld Business Advisors.

Beth Buckner, Board Representative, General Counsel, one term. Associate, Moore & Van Allen

Curtis Davenport, Board Member, JAZZ ROOM & Conversations with Curtis MC, Spotify Master & blog writer, two full terms. Sr. Learning and Development Specialist, Lane Construction &

Tripp Guin, Board Member, two terms. Principal and Broker/TRIPP Commercial, LLC

In the past few years alone, this Board has been a driving force for significant growth in programs, allowing JazzArts Charlotte to reach more and more of the community with all that jazz has to offer. There is a lot to be said about the individual contributions of each member, and yet the passion for this art is something they all share.

Past Chair Todd Albaum speaks to the priority of quality in every aspect of the programs. “Our goal was to deliver to the public an extraordinary experience, like no other.” He describes his participation as “some of the BEST times of my life. We dream big when it comes to our educational component.”

Beth Buckner, with one term on the Board as General Counsel, came to JazzArts Charlotte through ASC’s Culture Leadership Training. To Beth,“jazz is teaching, learning, entertainment, and culture. It has its own unique, rich history, and it’s tangible. Teaching jazz to younger generations is vital to keeping alive this wonderful art. Being able to share jazz through the shows is a gift JazzArts Charlotte is able to provide our community.”

Curtis Davenport, best known for his MCing, reflects, “to me jazz is the music, it is the people who create it, the people who study it and the people who love it.“ Todd describes the Board as “a family.” Whether board member, student, or musician, this description of jazz as a connection of people is a consistent theme. It is intrinsic in the style of music, but maintained by the organization through these leaders.

Serving on a Board is typically considered an act of giving, of your time and talents. JazzArts Charlotte has certainly grown directly from these gifts. These board members express, however, that their experience with the students and the music has grown in them a passion for jazz. Curtis’s final reflection is a heartfelt “thanks for the education and your friendship.”

Don’t worry, however. These members still plan on a steady presence at future events and more. Per Beth, “although my current term is ending, my love of jazz is not!”

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