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Comeback of Jazz in the Queen City

WFAE Charlotte Talks, December 4 2019 — Jazz is making a comeback in Charlotte and it seems like the whole city is working together to make it happen.

When the Jazz Cellar closed in 1994, Charlotte was left without a significant jazz venue. Despite the small space with limited seating, artists who could fill stadiums occasionally performed there, including Eric Clapton, Prince and B.B. King.

Just over a month ago a new jazz club opened with similar aspirations. Two of Charlotte’s own headlined their opening weekend – and it all seems possible because a local jazz institution has laid the foundation for a (Re)Birth of the Cool in the Queen City.

WFAE Charlotte Talks discusses how a struggling art has found new life in Charlotte. Lonnie joined new Club Middle C and a pair of jazz musicians all working to “make the Queen City groove”.

Meanwhile, some of our favorite comments:

@WFAE Charlotte Talks, the secret to a good jazz club: “A very casual and intimate space… It’s important to allow people to have an up close experience, and be able to connect with the musicians.” – Lonnie Davis.

Compare jazz Charlotte to other cities: “There’s a lot of comradery here among musicians. More than any other city I’ve lived in.” – Maria Howell, singer.

” Nobody performs any better than what we have sitting right here.” – Larry Farber, Middle C Jazz Club.

The unique nature of #jazz: “Trust. You get that trust and can go places you didn’t intend. The magic is in the moment. You listen to where the music is taking you.” Noel Freidline on WFAE Charlotte Talks today.


Lonnie was also recently featured in a short video where she discusses jazz education and the growing programs of our JazzArts Academy that are made possible by our generous donors – watch the impact of your support here.

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