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Apr 2019 Corey Wilkes trumpeter

Corey Wilkes talks about the heart of good music

One thing about trumpet. I don’t know anyone who picked trumpet. The trumpet picks you. We caught up with Corey Wilkes between his European tour and his standing Thursday gig in Chicago.

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Apr 2019 Music of Cuba in the Jazz Room

Latin Jazz is happy music, a language unto itself

If you’re bored with that “four on the floor” basic beat and want to feel some syncopation in your bones, you’re ready for some Latin Jazz.

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Neal Caine

The Serious and Wild Side of Jazz

This month, The JAZZ ROOM covers Charles Mingus, considered one of the greatest jazz musicians in history.

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Tenor Madness

A Conversation with Five Saxophonists

The Jazz Arts Initiative sat down with each of this weekend’s tenor players to talk about their music. They each have a variety of experience that give them a unique perspective and approach to their instrument.

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Charles Craig

Catching up on Life, Music and Inspiration with Charles Craig

The last time that Charles Craig was in The JAZZ ROOM was back in 2015 when he paid tribute to Canadian pianist and composer, Oscar Peterson.

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