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Sponsor a Student Scholarship Fund

The JazzArts Charlotte Sponsor A Student program helps to bring FREE music education through the Jazz Academy Youth Ensemble + Workshops to young musicians in the Charlotte area.

Make an Impact.  Become a Sponsor Today.

As a sponsor, YOU are providing an individual scholarship to an emerging student musician.  Sponsors will not only provide quality music education through scholarship opportunities for local students, but to also open the doors to endless possibilities for students through exposure to the arts.

Benefits for students

  • Increased IQ and improved test scores
  • Improved self-expression, self-efficacy and self-esteem
  • Increased social skills, team work, and discipline
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Improvement sin core study areas such as Math, Science, History and Literature
  • Exposure to culture
  • Improvements in language development and reasoning

This experience has helped me to build confidence, not being afraid of playing a solo, and plus it’s helped me with team work and team building.  We have to communicate, and that has helped me in other areas, not just music… It’s just so much fun!  – Veronica, student

How does JazzArts Charlotte determine who receives the scholarships?

Sponsorships are allocated to students with either the greatest financial need or merit-based.  JazzArts Charlotte seeks student musicians who are highly motivated and eager to take advantage of a free music scholarship opportunity through the JazzArts Academy.  Student scholarship recipients must meet the eligibility requirements of no lower than a 2.5 GPA, good JazzArts Academy and school attendance.  Students who possess all of these qualities will get the most out of the program and will allow your geenrous sponsorship to have the greatest impact.

Benefits for Sponsors

  • Thank you letter from student scholarship recipient participating in JazzArts Academy program
  • Invitation to JazzArts Holiday student concert and at the spring Kings Drive Art Walk concert
  • JazzArts Charlotte “Composer Level” membership benefits (including 2 free tickets to general admission regular season JAZZ ROOM show).
  • Annual sponsor recognition on JazzArts Charlotte website and name listed in JAZZ ROOM playbil
  • Subscription to the JazzArts Charlotte e-newsletter

To support JazzArts Charlotte is a true honor… I’ve always been a big proponent of music education, because it teaches kids much more than music.”  Terence Blanchard, 5-time Grammy award-winning trumpeter/composer

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